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[04.06.2018]  Nine SKA players received recognition for extraordinary perfomance in 2017-18
SKA Khabarovsk coach Mikhail Yuriev will continue as national team head coach
[04.05.2018]  Erik Pettersson signed a two year contract with SKA
[28.04.2018]  Alan Jusoev joins up!

[21.04.2018]  Yuriy Vikulin "got drafted" into SKA line-up for a two year term!

[20.04.2018]  Aleksandr Kim remains in SKA for another year

[19.04.2018]  Captain leaves the helm

[19.04.2018]  Maksim Ishkeldin won the best player of the year title over again!

[19.04.2018]  2017-2018 Russian Bandy Championship season is over

[19.03.2018]  The he culmination of 2017/18 is close at hand

[14.03.2018]  Two down one to go

[13.03.2018]  No mercy for perpetual rival

Prolific back-to-back scoring perfomance
SKA rallied and drove back Sibselmash squard
[03.03.2018]  Working hard or hardly working? 
Championships gold medal game will take place in Khabarovsk again
[28.02.2018]  Moscow is conquered for the third time in season 

SKA' symptom of an adrenaline rush
[22.02.2018]  SKA hit another scoring record trouncing Rodina Kirov

[18.02.2018]  Pavel Ryazantsev hat trick lead SKA' rout of Dynamo Kazan

No prayer for Volga
[12.02.2018]  Like a knife through butter

SKA slacken to defeat Zorkiy
[19.01.2018]  The score is settled

[16.01.2018]  Five out of the best

[14.01.2018]  Yuriy Shardakov back in  action soon

[13.01.2018]  No injury sustained in case with Denis Potemin

[12.01.2018]  SKA power past Baikal

[09.01.2018]  SKA-neftyanik's road trip curse continues

Trubnik stands tall
[29.12.2017]  No prayer for Sibselmash

[27.12.2017]  Stepping over Trubnik

[23.12.2017]  Stumbling in Kemerovo
[02.12.2017]  Facing off with the Lions for the third time

[01.12.2017]  SKA-neftyanik  named the youngest bandy player ever wearing the club team's colors

[01.12.2017]  Masterclass for a rookie

[28.11.2017]  SKA edged Dynamo Moscow in roller coaster game

[27.11.2017]  The Magnificent Six

[25.11.2017]  Excerpts from the interview with SKA  Head Coach Mikhail Yuriev

[22.11.2017]  SKA dumped Vodnik to maintain their winning streak

[19.11.2017]  SKA comes up big in Krasnogorsk 

[15.11.2017]  SKA-neftyanik trounced Dynamo Kazan

[14.11.2017]  One of the SKA top players has been operated

[12.11.2017]  A SKA-neftyanik winning streak continue

[07.11.2017]  Victory in Nizhny Novgorod 

[03.11.2017]  Congratulations on a new season opening to all of the bandy fans throughout Russia! 
[30.10.2017]  Congratulations, SKA!!!!!! 
[27.10.2017]  "SKA-neftyanik" will play in the Russia's Cup Finals for the fourth time in a row
[16.10.2017]  Impregnable Sandviken or "over and out" for SKA-neftyanik

[15.10.2017]  Three wins in a row in the preliminary round for "SKA-neftyanik"
  Play-off spot for Khabarovsk is secured in advance! 
  "SKA-neftyanik" is off to a flying start in the Bandy World Cup! 
  "SKA-neftyanik" goes for the World Cup! 
  No team to lock horns with for "SKA-neftyanik" 
  Russian Bandy Cup finals will be held in Khabarovsk!

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