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Impregnable Sandviken or "over and out" for SKA-neftyanik.

That was for the first time ever in the World Cup Bandy history, that our hometown team "crossed sticks" with Uralsky Trubnik. One shouldn't have been a fortune-teller to have predicted the result of the game. Totally dominating on ice, SKA was soaring over their opponents and blanked them out, 4-0. The first goal scored by Artem Bondarenko became a milestone, the team tallied a 200th goal in the SKA-neftyanik's tournament history. The team was ready for the next step.

As it was mentioned a couple of days ago, Khabarovsk had been seeded so, that the chances to meet up with Sandviken AIK  in the semifinals were almost unavoidable. Our players hit the semis for the third time in a row and this time around it were to be a host of the WCB 2017, none other than Sandvikens.  For those, who watched the game, there's no need to go all over it again and again. SKA players lost it, 2-3,  in a very tight game outplaying their rivals in every component, but they lucked out that day. The head coach of SKA-neftyanik comments on the failure: " I can only repeat that I said many times before, we always play late at night or even early in the morning, like 1:00 a.m., in the playoffs. We always have way worse schedules than our opponents for the following game. The tournament has "lived itself out". I am sure that a Cup tournament like that must take place in both countries, (Russia and Sweden), at more venues with more spectators attending, extended preliminary rounds with more time allocated, with no back-to-back games throughout the entire day. The number of bandy fans showed up for the tournament has been  incredibly low even for the main attractions. What's the point in it, rather than a sport result to establish?"

....says Pavel Ryazantsev, a top SKA-neftyanik player: " We have a negative tradition to fail in the semifinals. I may admit, that back in 2015  Yenisey was  way more powerful a team to play against, but at this elimination we were sufficiently better than Sandvik in everything we did. Unfortunately we missed many chances to net and, on the contrary, created some scoring chances for the opponents to build up on it ."

In the final game of the Bandy World Cup 2017 Sandviken AIK edged Yenisey Krasnoyarsk in an overtime, 4-3, and  returned the prestigious  trophy. The last time Sandvikens enjoyed winning the Cup was at BWC of 2002.


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