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SKA edged Dynamo Moscow in roller coaster game

Two factors to be considered for specialists and bandy fans before the game were: Dynamo is not an archetypal bandy loser of the last two years anymore/ none of the League teams may even think of feasting on the Moscow squad this season and that Khabarovsk players have been subjected to a scheduling ordeal of crossing time zones back and fourth again and again hardly ever having time to restore their energy balance.

By the same token, in the game against SKA-neftyanik Dynamo showcased their best qualities of defensive team play. Acknowledging SKA players' superiority, they tried to gain the numerical advantage in their zone denying SKA players the time and space to pass or skate with the ball, while our team, sufficiently worn out after the road games, failed to bypass the pressing and to create attacking opportunities. Small wonder, our hometown team was able to score a goal only after 20 plus minutes of fruitless attempts to lead in the game. Dynamo's netminder Andrey Rein denied many goal scoring opportunities, that resulted in a strong comeback and Dynamo ended up the first half in their favor, 1-2. 

The second half showed significant signs of improvement for SKA-neftyanik, they managed to score off corner shots twice within two minutes, keeping in mind, that our players have been severely criticized for numerous failures to succeed in standard types of ball shots. Taking a shaky lead didn't mean a case-closed resolution to the game, as Dynamo made every effort to catch up with the opponent to restore status quo. 

The game culminated, as the game entered the final ten minute stretch, in a neatly performed breakaway by Yevgeniy Fillipov, due to a lapse of the SKA defencemen, who missed a great crossing set-up by attacking Dynamo. Regrettably for Yevgeniy and the entire Moscow squad, our team's goalkeeper played very safely to deny him of sure goal, which ensued in a swift counterattack by Denis Lapshin  and a 2-4 in SKA favor on the scoreboard. Dynamo showed resilience and created two penalty shots melodrama at the very end of the game, but failed to tie it up.

This was the seventh SKA win in a row. The team is retaining the status of an undoubted leader of the League and we all looking forward to the next game on November 29, when SKA hosts the Championships rookies from Stroitel Syktyvkar.


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