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Stumbling in Kemerovo

After the first setback in the regular championships against Yenisey in the previous game, SKA didn't have any alternative, but to beat Kuzbass Kemerovo to stay on a par with Yenisey in the leadership race. A tough nut to crack factoring in the recent improvements in the team. It's an old rivalry and there's no exception when, where, what shapes the teams are at the moment of a match-up, however, it needs to be said that our team suffered a loss in Kemerovo for the last time more than three years ago. Unfortunately, SKA has failed to keep the pleasurable tradition intact.

Being profusely shorthanded due to multiple healthy scratches, SKA has lost Dmitry Lapshin, yet another midfielder, in the previous game, thus having only two back-up players for the entire game(!!!!!!!!!!!), which resulted in narrowing down tactical possibilities for our team. Plus, the team's physical condition has been severely deteriorating last couple of months due to the fatigue caused by the schedule and we did predict it too. Hopelessly losing 0-3, being unable to keep up with a way faster Kuzbass, SKA has gotten guts up to come back in the game to equalize it, 3-3. However, a careless mistake in a D-zone led up to a penalty shot and a second loss in a row.

Until the year is done, SKA has been slated to cross swords, or rather bandy clubsticks, with Uralskiy Trubnik on the 26th and Sibselmash on 29th.

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