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No prayer for Sibselmash

In the final game of the year SKA dazzled their fans with a multitude of delightful goals having downed their opponents from Novosibirsk, 8-1. 

It's been four years in a row, that Sibselmash have been suffering a setback in trying to get a point in the derby against "the Wild Boars". As of February 20, 2014  Novosibirsk players absorbed twelve consequtive losses, eight of them with a double digit differentiation, like in a hit of the season last year, when they were trounced 3-17. Unfortunately, Sibselmash failed to interrupt a three-year losing streak in the farewell championships game of 2017.

It was only within an initial seventeen minute stretch, that Novosibirsk bandy players were able to ride a strong start and carry it on even to notch a goal  (Sergey Gan cannoned a blistering shot past the goalie from afar) to level it up to the score opener neatly  implemented by a SKA forward  Artyom Bondarenko. However, after Maksim Ishkeldin found the back of the net twice within a two minute interval, Sibselmash slowly, but surely began losing grip on their teamwork, which resulted in yet another three nicely crafted goals by SKA players before the half-time was done.

The second half was marked by SKA's overwhelming dominance over the opponent, despite of the fact, that a whole bunch of juniors from a farm club were let into the game adding a lot to the spectacular show with their insatiable drive.  An 18-year-old Aleksey Torgonskiy and another rookie Boris Shaluhin had a few opportunities, but missed their chances to be on scoresheet and contribute. However, their more experienced teammates, notably, Maksim Ishkeldin and Pavel Ryazantsev were meticulously persistent in goal-scoring. Maksim netted four and chipped in two helpers, whereas Pavel had a hat-trick!!! Guess what! Both fellows are originally from Novosibirsk! 

It needs to be mentioned, that having obtained such a crucial scoring advantage SKA-neftyanik players displayed their gentlemanship not willing to put Sibslmash even in a tighter spot. Thus SKA completed the year of 2017 with flying colors (2016-2017 season brought about fantastic results) currently holding the second position in the Bandy League standings. The team is back on the road in early 2018 visiting Pervouralsk, Novosibirsk and Irkutsk  and will be coming back home only on the 18th of January.

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