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SKA routed Kuzbass in the regular championship game, 11-6, having taken revenge for the loss in Round 1.


SKA in the present reincarnation is the team that never forgets and never forgives. They were tremendously humiliated by the loss in the road game against the players from Kemerovo three weeks ago and being all ready to prove to the rest of the Universe that the team is still the force to reckon with. Being already highly strung up our players received yet another strong motivation. Yuriy Shardakov got back in the line-up for the first time since he had left the squad due to the operation about three months ago. It was his game number one of the current regular bandy season and it was a very successful comeback. Yuriy was numerously applauded for his exquisite dribbling and feeding and, guess what, an excellent goal at the end of the first half. 

By the time Yuriy made his contribution, SKA had tallied seven unanswered goals after a 15 minute demoralization pressure forcing bordering on forechecking on the defensive end players and put their stamp on it, which resulted in the Kuzbass goaltender, an experienced Sergey Morozov, being pulled after allowing so many goals. Wasn't it a "knee-jerk" reaction? Maybe it was, because the goals were not softies, but scored as a result of numerous breakaways and total opponents' subservience.

It seemed that a visiting team wouldn't escape another scoring disaster, but they did and a rerun of the 2015-2016 fiasco, 1-14, never happened. Right after the intermission Kuzbass, all of a sudden, went into overdrive and SKA "slowed down their heartbeat". By the 80th minute the scoreboard indicated an honorable 10-6. But it was Maksim Ishkeldin, who had the final say of the game. He executed a mindboggling dribbling slalom to find the back of the net a minute prior to the final call. 

The next game is slated for January 21 when our team is facing the leader of the current  Russian Bandy Championships, Yenisey from Krasnoyarsk, who were clipped by Baikal in a roller-coaster game, 3-4, yesterday.


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