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SKA has won the tenth consecutive game. This time around it was Dynamo Moscow that fell to the 'red-and-black' squad.
This game was of paramount importance for Dynamo : a win in this game would give the Moscow players a leg-up in the pre-playoff race for the top seed position among the four best in the final regular championship standings. It would give them a chance to select their opponents and have a home ice advantage in the coming  quarterfinals. To carry it off, Dynamo needed a win, but SKA, which had already solved their problems to qualify for the playoffs, didn't agree with a role of  whipping boy and were going for yet another one to keep the winning tradition on Moscow ice intact. 
The game started way early for a bandy event(12.15 local time), due to a hectic fixture schedule in the Krylatskoe arena, thus stripped Dynamo of a couple of home ice advantages. First of all, it was 19.15  in Khabarovsk when the players embarked on ice, the best time of a day for SKA-neftyanik you can think of. Second of all,  the arena seemed to be almost deserted, slightly peppered with the most staunch Dynamo fans. Sergey Lazarev, a legendary Soviet bandy netminder, who played for SKA throughout  his entire career was detected. What team did he cheer on, I wonder. 
SKA players wasted no time and easily scored a couple within a seven minute opening stretch, aggressively forechecking deep in the Dynamo defensive zone. From that moment on SKA took control of the game, letting their opponents sting occasionally and, indeed, Dynamo managed to find a seam in the SKA defense twice by the end of the first half, 4-2. In the second half Maksim Ishkeldin sent the ball to top shelf of the net after dribbling over half of the Dynamo line-up to clear up any doubt on a winner of the contest. However, Dynamo did fight back and scored once, but that was all they could do. SKA' goalkeeper Denis Rysev was nearly flawless in his goaltending theatrics. It was a third consecutive win over Dynamo, 5-3, in this season, the fact which has never happened in the entire bandy championships history. On March 2, SKA will play Stroitel Syktyvkar in the final game of the regular season and the team to confront our hometown squad in the playoffs will be announced at a later date.

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