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Having downed Baikal-Energia in the second semifinal game, SKA has gotten very close to going for the Russian Bandy Champion title final game versus Yenisey later this month.

After the resounding fiasco in Game 1 (1-12) the previous day, Irkutsk players made a frantic attempt to get things reversed. They began the second rendezvous on the short road trip with all-out forechecking trying to stunt their opponents, although they were missing their team leader, Evgeniy Ivanushkin in the line-up. But very soon they exhausted all the efforts and our hometown team sparked with a four goal outburst in the first half, having netted the 200th goal of the season. There was a moment after the intermission, when having chipped in two goals, Baikal seemed to have revived some hope for coming back on board. The SKA head coach, Mikhail Yuriev, took a time-off to urge players on and, guess what, they never let the lead slip and ended up the game with convincing, 8-3. The aggregate result after two games is 2-0 in SKA favor.

Thus, SKA-neftyanik needs one more win to advance to the Game of the Year. Both teams are heading for Irkutsk now, where two games are scheduled to select the winner, the first one will be played on March 16. If need be, the fifth game is also scheduled, this time back in Khabarovsk. Yenisey is doing well too, two wins after two games against Kuzbass.


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